Walking is what wins campaigns. Writing letters helps, too.

We need to get out the vote and let everyone know why we’re supporting Sarah—because she’s authentic; because she’s a regular person just like the rest of us; because she is crazy knowledgeable about the issues and has actionable solutions for how we can be better served; because she knows how to get things done, and she does it; because she will stand up for the future of our environment and our city—whatever your reason, please speak up in support of Sarah.

+ You can submit a letter to the editor in support of why you’re voting for Sarah.
[links coming soon!]

+ You can sign up below to help walk for Sarah's campaign—it’s super easy, no experience is necessary and you get to use some awesome tech tools. Sarah will show you how, and tell you all about the time a former City Councilmember’s aunt was tickled pink to get to sign a pledge to vote for Sarah on her phone.