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Peg Pinard, former Mayor and Council Member, City of San Luis Obispo; former Chairperson, San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors
Dodie Williams, former San Luis Obispo City Council Member
David Blakely, former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor

Preserve the SLO Life
Save Our Downtown

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Kathy Borland, RN/MSN
Paul Wolff, Retired Professor Emeritus
Sandra Marshall, Publisher
Sallie Joyce Higgins, Retired Teacher
Allan Cooper, Retired Professor
Karen Krahl, Chiropractor
Naomi Blakely
Pamela Racouillat
Richard Racouillat
Shirley Peterson
Carolyn Smith
J.K. Waldsmith, DVM
Kalie Smoot
John Edmisten
Natalie Borgardt
Richard Schmidt
John Snetsinger, Professor Emeritus
Jennifer Salisbury-Rucks
Jennifer Klay, PHD, Nuclear Physics, Professor
Donna DiGangi, Environmental Engineer
Janice Elliott
Keith Elliott
Jeff Edwards, Bartender, Non-profit Founder
Marco Rizzo, Restaurateur
Philip Kent Ruggles, Retired Professor
Joanne Beaule Ruggles, Retired Professor, Artist
Ted Rich
Carol Rich