Supporting neighborhoods, people and nature for a balanced, sustainable path forward


Mom on a mission

She came, she marched, she put in her public comment... again... and again... and again. Yet the same path kept being followed. As a (nearly) lifelong local Sarah has a deep commitment to protecting a sustainable future for San Luis Obispo, its people, economy and natural environment for generations of future residents. After years of pushing for small changes that would have lasting, positive impacts, Sarah saw deepening divides rather than people coming together, so she decided to do a wild thing and run for City Council. As our city moves forward through a period of change, every decision carries greater weight toward what San Luis Obispo is to become. A positive, inclusive path starts with leadership that embraces the many viewpoints that make up our community. How we change matters.


Finding unity in differences

Sarah believes in bringing people from varying--even opposing--viewpoints and needs together to inform better decisions. Every person has their own perspective based on their personal experiences. Discounting the trials, triumphs or tribulations of anyone does a disservice to the community good. And Sarah's all about community good through smart, long-term planning and a deep commitment to proactive decisions in support of protecting our natural environment. Having interacted with local, state, other states' and federal government entities from a wild array of perspectives herself, she has an appreciation for the power and importance of individual voices in making positive changes to the way things are.



Sarah is a doer

Whether it's building a raised garden bed out of reclaimed wood harvested to restore natural ecosystems, growing her own food and household goods, upcycling all manner of things or volunteering her time and energy to organizations in support of building a more inclusive and environmentally friendly community, Sarah isn't one to sit on the sidelines. She's right there, getting her hands (and boots) dirty, and she'll probably do her best to involve everyone within earshot to join in. She coaches, she volunteers and she does her best to empower others to get involved. Ideals are great, but change happens through thoughtful, meaningful doing. Sometimes it can get a little messy, but we clean up, we learn from our mistakes and we let those lessons guide us toward doing better in the future.


No, really, she works hard to achieve positive change that impacts people, even when no one is looking

Sarah has a track record for standing up for what's right, and she's not afraid to put her heart, soul and countless sleepless nights into the endeavor with or without recognition. With a city in the midst of change with many real and immediate needs, it's easy for environments--natural and human--to be pushed to a second tier of consideration. But a healthy, vibrant, diverse, equitable community in the long term requires that we bring social, environmental and economic sustainability to the forefront of every conversation and each and every decision that is made along the way. HOW WE CHANGE MATTERS.


Transparency is a thing. Just like science. And climate change. And our need for attainable workforce housing. And the finite existence of our natural resources.

In most things we should seek balance. Except when it comes to protecting and expanding our natural resources preservation and urban forestry planning and programs development to support a growing population. With a background in journalism and communications, Sarah is committed to shining light on public processes to encourage more public engagement. The people of San Luis Obispo have spoken up time and time again about the value they place on preservation of our unique environment. With more and more meaningful engagement, decisions being made can better serve this one place that is gracious enough to support us living here.


how we change matters

Dedicated to
San Luis Obispo.

Change can be good. But it needs to be the right type of change. Change is best when we make smart choices with an eye toward the long-term well-being of San Luis Obispo, its place and its people. If elected, it would be an honor to serve as a strong voice for the right changes toward a better future for all.